Why Choose Us?

We have private and individual dental operatories so you can feel relaxed in a peaceful environment. You can rest assured that the same doctor will treat you every time you visit, nobody else besides your personal dentist will treat you from beginning to end to assure high quality control in the work done.

Let us serve you as you deserve

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive care to our patients. You will get a detailed explanation of your dental problems and what we can do to help you have optimal dental health.

The first contact with the patient, is to know the reason for your visit, then a test is performed with the following points:

  • Medical record; involves filling out a form, to meet the general condition of the patient.
  • Taking X-rays (digital).
  • Buccal Clinical examination of the mouth and cervico-skull-mandible neuromuscular system.
  • Mouth cleaning.
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan is generated.
  • Cleaning is done later.

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