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Medical tourism a great option for affordable medical care
All you need to know to find the best medical tourism services

Medical tourism, what is it?

Traveling to another country for medical services or health care is called medical tourism or health tourism. Over the years this medical sector has been growing in number because of people seeking the best quality medical care at an affordable cost.

Now more people are searching for countries that offer quality medical services while also scheduling a getaway. Among the best-selected countries for Medical tourism, Mexico is the most visited every year for elective medical procedures, and health care services.

Top destinations Medical Tourism

Mexico is at the top of the list of Medical tourism because of affordable costs, beautiful destinations, hotels, and accommodations that suit every budget combined with professional high skilled certified physicians that perform their specialized services in modern facilities.

Mexico’s health care services are regulated by the Sanitary Federal Institution that examines medical doctors and clinical facilities to assess if they comply with the highest medical standards in technology, procedures, techniques, and ethics.

Most popular medical tourism procedures

The most sought out medical procedures include bariatrics, aesthetic, and cosmetic procedures, as well as dental restoration, and cosmetic dentistry. Dental services initially have been the most solicited medical services for years, allowing many visitors to take advantage of the great opportunity to enjoy the world’s best health care services done with the latest technology performed by a certified specialist in the dental field while recuperating in a safe, and comfortable destination.

Cabo, San Lucas: a unique tourist destination

Cabo, San Lucas, is one of the most traveled tourist destinations in the world visited annually by over one million people. Sunny weather, astonishing natural scenes, and the warmth of Cabos friendly community have put Cabo, San Lucas, on the map for decades.

One of the most popular medical travel destinations in Mexico is Cabo, San Lucas, because of its outstanding modern facilities equipped with the latest technology, board-certified experts that are licensed, and skilled in pioneer techniques and procedures that are safe and secure. Many medical practitioners are bilingual, providing medical care to international travelers for decades has motivated them to become fluent in another language. This has improved the communication they hold with their patients.

Cabo’s a golden bright sunny city, full of sandy beaches, fine dining, fabulous nightlife, shopping centers, spas, fishing expeditions, whale watching expeditions, art, dance, folk music, you name it Cabo has it! 

It’s the perfect combination of the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

Pros of Medical Tourism

The benefits of medical tourism are many, ranging from personalized packages that can include pick up at the airport, hotel arrangements, hospital and medical visits, x rays, labs, medication, and follow up. People are planning more medical vacations that include health care check-ups or procedures while being abroad in other countries because health care services are more affordable while ensuring safety and professional care. Worldwide Medical Travel services are estimated to grow over 130 billion dollars in 3 more years. 

Flight scheduling has become simpler over time making travel more convenient and comfortable, this has lured more international medical travelers to Mexico, to receive the most high-quality medical services. 

Tips while selecting a medical tourist provider

It’s of the most important to ensure the credentials from your health care service provider, or medical practitioner abroad, as well as paying a visit to the clinic before any procedure is done, talk about any of your concerns with the doctors, get an estimated quote per treatment or procedure, and all the services it includes. Selecting a reputable specialist and clinic that works with top-notch-technology is very important for your safety.

Medical tourism on the rise 

The reason why Medical tourism has taken off so much is that people can use their vacation time to get away to a tourist destination and choose from any medical procedure they need. Affordable medical care that complies with international clinical standards, modern techniques, and highly skilled specialists has made out of medical travel a new market for investors. 

Growing medical tourism has made more medical practitioners, as well as clinics, be more aware of their services and policies, searching for ways to cater to international travelers that are electing medical procedures abroad for diverse reasons.

Cosmetic Smile Cabo

Cosmetic Smile Cabo is one of the most selected medical dentistry facilities for medical tourism in Los Cabos. This modern family unit provides professional dental services in a warm and comfortable environment that assures the safety and happiness of their patients.

Our medical approach

Our comprehensive approach to oral health consists of a thorough detailed assessment, diagnose and treatment from the first encounter when retrieving medical history, and general assessment of patient’s health, complete oral cavity examination, dental X rays, mouth cleaning, and designed treatment.

Our services

Cosmetic Smile Cabos offers a complete array of services from orthodontics (braces), dental implants, TMJ treatment, Endodontics, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental whitening, and digital X rays. 

We offer services that are safe and convenient

Cosmetic Smile Cabo works with flexible hours that allow our patients to enjoy their stay in Cabo while taking care of their oral health. Our costs are more affordable without compromising safety or professional care. 

Dr. Guillermo Limon | Founder and Director of Cosmetic Smile Cabos

He is a graduate from the School of Dentistry, UNAM, Autonomous National University of Mexico, and is a board-certified Dental surgeon specializing in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics.

He has many degrees and certifications as well as being a member of several Dental Boards Associations. 

Detail oriented approach

Dr. Limon is specialized and certified in many fields of expertise in dental care. His assessments and treatments are very detailed oriented. Most of his patients are medical tourists that come from Northern America that travel to Cabo for cosmetic dental services. He also provides dental services for people that require special help with sedation (a certified anesthesiologist is scheduled).

Cosmetic Smile Cabos guarantees to provide the best level of care possible by using innovative technology combined with the highest standards of sanitation and safety. We are ready to answer all your questions regarding your treatment beforehand until you’re satisfied. 

Bring something really valuable back from your getaway, your bright smile!


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