TMJ Treatment

Head Pain, Headache
• Forehead
• Temples
• “Migraine” type
• Sinus type
• Shooting pain up back of head
• Hair and/or scalp painful to touch

• Pain behind eyes
• Bloodshot eyes
• May bulge out
• Sensitive to sunlight

• Discomfort
• Limited opening of mouth
• Inability to open smoothly
• Jaw deviates to one side when opening
• Locks shut or open
• Can’t find bite

• Clenching, grinding at night
• Looseness and soreness of back teeth

Ear Problems
• Hissing, buzzing or ringing
• Decreased hearing
• Ear pain, ear ache, no infection
• Clogged, “itchy” ears
• Vertigo, dizziness

Jaw Problems
• Clicking, popping jaw joints
• Grating sounds
• Pain in cheek muscles
• Uncontrollable jaw and/or tongue movements

Neck Problems
• Lack of mobility, stiffness
• Neck pain
• Tired, sore muscles
• Shoulder aches and backaches
• Arm and finger numbness and/ or pain

• Swallowing difficulties
• Laryngitis
• Sore throat with no infection
• Voice irregularities or changes
• Frequent coughing or constant clearing of throat
• Feeling of foreign object in throat constantly

Is this you?
• Headaches
• Migraines
• Face pain
• Jaw pain
• Tinnitus

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